Important Planning for your (new) Georgia High School Graduate

Now that its graduation season, here are some thoughts about important planning you should consider with your recent high school graduate in Georgia.

Did you know that now that your child is eighteen years old and an adult, you no longer have the right to access their medical and financial information? Also, your child now has sole control over that custodial account you opened for them years ago. They now have to call to schedule their own doctor’s appointments and get their own prescriptions refilled. No matter how much you want to help, your hands are tied by the fact that their eighteenth birthday has passed.

You can protect your recently minted adult with basic planning documents.

The Advance Directive for Health Care will allow your child to name a health care agent to communicate with their doctors and make emergency medical decisions on their behalf. This document also opens the lines of communication about life support and medical interventions.

The Financial Power of Attorney allows your child to name a legal and financial agent. Their agent can access financial records, or deposit cash in their checking account. The agent can also take legal action on their behalf, if necessary.

Call us today, or have your new adult call, to schedule an appointment to execute these important planning documents. For only $800 we can meet with your adult children, help them execute an Advance Directive for Health Care and a Financial Power of Attorney, and give you some comfort and control as they depart for college.