Veterans Benefit Planning

Veterans Benefit Planning

Millions of veterans (and their families) are unaware that they could be eligible for a special pension through the Department of Veterans Affairs even if they did not retire from the military or suffer injuries in the line of duty.

The non-service-connected pension, is called the “Improved Pension” when the veteran is the claimant and “Survivor’s Pension” for the surviving spouse. Both are paid tax-free to the claimant.

Many people refer to these pension benefits as “VA Aid and Attendance.”  However, Aid & Attendance refers to an additional benefit a veteran or surviving spouse may receive once they are eligible for the Improved Pension.

Because the Improved Pension and Survivor’s Pension are needs-based, claimants must comply with income and asset limits to be eligible. Georgia Estate & Elder Law, LLC offers veterans and their families planning services to assist in attaining eligibility for the VA Pension benefits.  

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